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10th Anniversary June Wine Club

“57,600 glasses of wine, 7,200 guests and 10 years later…”

Gandolfi Wine Club celebrated its 10 year anniversary in June, complete with two spectacular ambassadors of wine: Victoria Beckett; and Kevin Grant.

Victoria, Company Director of Glasgow-based fine wine merchants Alexander Wines, hosted the inaugural Wine Club just over a decade ago. Providing the merits of Italian wines on that special evening, Victoria has also been supplying our Gandolfi family with fabulous wine for over 10 years – thank you Victoria!

A viticulturist of Ataraxia wines and self-confessed soil farmer to the terroir – otherwise known as a terroirist – was winemaker extraordinaire, Kevin. Kevin is heavily focussed on what wine does for people – you go home, have a glass of wine, relax and enjoy – for him it’s all about adding value to someone’s life: wine being the conduit of pleasure.

If you haven’t been to Wine Club before you should know that our fabulous Chefs always provide a delicious array of nibbles to complement the wines of the night, on this particular night we had the pleasure of nibbling on:

  • Sea trout pate blini with yuzu peals, pickled cucumber and dill
  • Pan-seared scallops with brown shrimp, pomegranate, butternut squash puree and coriander
  • Hot-smoked salmon with avocado, celeriac puree, apple batons and wood sorrel
  • Lam cutlet with pea puree, chilli butter and mint
  • Rib-eye beef Kiev with picket shallots, a red wine jus and watercress
  • White chocolate and pecan truffles

Over 600 glasses of exquisite wine were served on this momentous evening and after some hard deliberation the winners were:

  • White wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Ataraxia, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2016 – this wine favours individuality and minerality ahead of pure, unadulterated fruit; with elegant hints of passion fruit citrus and melon.
  • Red wine: Pinot Noir/Pinotage/Cinsault, ‘Serenity’, Ataraxia, Stellenbosch, South Africa 2015 – described by its winemaker, Kevin Grant, as a “Pinot Noir on steroids”, Ataraxia’s ‘Serenity’ blend quietly exudes the confidence to whisper style over brash substance. A beautifully layered and complex wine, full of ripe berry fruits.

A special mention must be made to all our dedicated Wine Clubbers, in particular Robert, Maureen, Sandra and David, who have been attending Wine Club since its inception – quite an achievement!

We take great pleasure in hosting Wine Club and it fills us with delight seeing you all each month –  familiar faces and new. We hope you had as good a night as we did and we look forward to continuing to tantalise your taste buds with new wines – thank you all for joining us.



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